School of Mechanical Engineering Sharif University of Technology

Research Interests:

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing, Rapid Prototyping)
  • Metamaterials (Lattice structures, Auxetic structures, etc.)
  • Electrohydrodynamic Printing (EHDP)
  • Drug Delivery
  • Flexible Sensors
  • Melt Electro Writing


  • Droplet formation Analysis in electrohydrodynamic 3d printing process
  • Electrohydrodynamic printing of nano-drug
  • 3D printing of clear aligner
  • Pentamode metamaterial 3D printing
  • Melt Electro Writing (MEW) of scaffolds
  • Topological design and selective laser melting of porous nitinol (NiTi) shape memory implants and scaffolds for medical applications
  • 4d printing of shape memory polymers

Supervised Theses & Dissertations:

  • Investigation of mechanical properties of pentamode metamaterial with unconventional (non-diamond) unit cell structure
                Moein Shafia M.Sc., 2022
  • Design and fabrication of gradient index acoustic metamaterials to achieve low frequency broadband sound absorption
               Samira Khodabakhsh Ph.D., Present