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Check list for students:
1.Study the laboratory manual (for relevant experiment)
2.Bring the laboratory manual
3.Bring a pen sharp pencil, ruler and a calculator
4.Do not bring anything else to laboratory extra pieces of paper will be confiscated on sight.
How we grade you:
Following is the grade distribution of this course calculated from 100
Administrative procedures & regulation:
In the laboratory students work in group and supervised by the instructors (faculty members).All laboratory reports are to be written directly into the laboratory notebook after completing the experiments. The notebook must be handed in at the end of each laboratory period. The laboratory notebooks are kept in to be marked by the instructors.
Preparation for experiments:
Students have to study the instruction manual for each experiment beforehand.  Students are also responsible for attending all the laboratory sessions.
A missed session will result in a zero mark for that session

  • Dyn. of Machinery Lab Reports: 25
  • Vibration Lab Reports: 25
  • Final Exam: 50

                                                                                                                      Sharif University of Technology
                                                                                                                                  Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Students may be informed about the  details of the Final Grades here.


Dynamics of Machinery and Vibration Lab.
Dynamics of Machinery and Vibration Lab.