Design, Modeling and Fabrication of an Assistive Device Prototype for Walking


Fabrication of motion assistive devices is one of the manifestations of Biomechanics and Robotic technologies that has involved many scientific and engineering disciplines. According to the important role of assistive devices, and on the other hand, having qualified potentials at Sharif University of Technology for such researches; Biomechanics Lab has decided to fabricate an assistive device prototype as a research project.

The action of device is transparent to body activity. This leads to a flexible interaction with human, and almost no disturbance. If necessary, it applies force to ease extension of knee joint. This device will help disabled people in stair climbing and walking. Also it boosts normal subjects and enhances their endurance limit.

M. Parnianpour, M. A. Sanjari, D. Soudbakhsh, E. Sahraei, F. Malekipour

(Authors in Persian Alphabetical orders)


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