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IYPT is an international physics competition for upper secondary school students and is based on open research on the 17 problems published about one year before the tournament annually. Students work on the questions in groups of 5, and present their solution during the competition and get involved with discussions in which they defend their own solutions and criticize others solutions in structured discussions.

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IYPT (International Young Physicists Tournament)

Reza M. Namin

Subject: Mechanics

#16. Rotating Spring

Rotating Spring
SUTSUT Mechanics

A helical spring is rotated about one of its ends around a vertical axis. Investigate the expansion of the spring with and without an additional mass attached to its free end.

Reza M. Namin

Subject: Magnetism, Dynamics

#14. Magnetic Spring

Magnetic Spring

Two magnets are arranged on top of each other such that one of them is fixed and the other one can move vertically. Investigate oscillations of the magnet.

Ali Farajollahi, Reza M. Namin

Subject: Strength of Materials

#3. Steel Balls

Steel Balls

Colliding two large steel balls with a thin sheet of material (e.g. paper) in between may burn a hole in the sheet. Investigate this effect for various materials.

S. Meraj Bousaki, Reza M. Namin

Subject: Optics, Fluid Dynamics

#8. Liquid Light Guide

Liquid Light Guide

A transparent vessel is filled with a liquid (e.g. water). A jet flows out of the vessel. A light sorce is placed so that a horizontal beam enters the liquid jet. Under what conditions does the jet operate like a light guide?


Here is a selection of the 22nd IYPT solutions and presentation slides of the team of Iran. These solutions were obtained of long term investigations in group work which include several experiment, theories, numerical solutions in some cases and etc.

Note that the slides were produced to be presented in twelve minuets, so a limited amount of information could have been included.