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Research and Industry Contracts:

  • Research Contract- 2010-2011, Ministry of Energy, Khuzestan Water and Power Company, Exergy Analysis of Ramin Power plant.
  • Research Contract- 2010-2011, National Iranian Gas Company, Design and Fabrication of a Field Test Rig to Evaluate the Performance of Air Intake filters of Gas Turbines.
  • Research Contract- 2010-2011, Ministry of Indusry and Mine, IDRO, Design and Fabrication of a pilot to distinguish and separate particles by laser.
  • Research Contract- 2009-2010, Ministry of Energy, Montazere Ghaem Power Plant, Design Review of the Size and Corrosion Problems of Regenerative Air Preheaters.
  • Research Contract- 2009-2010, Ministry of Energy, Mazandaran Electric Company, A Complete Heat Balance Analysis of Neka Power Plant.
  • Research Contract- 2008-2009, Tahvieh Company, Design of a Domestic Efficient Heating Cooling Package.
  • Research Contract- 2006-2008, Ministry of Energy, Energy Consumption Criteria and Energy Labelling of Wet Cooling Towers.
  • Research Contract- 2005-2006, Ministry of Energy, Energy Consumption Criteria and Energy Labelling of Air Handling Units.
  • Research Contract- 2005-2006, Ministry of Industry, Iran Development and Renovation of Iranian Industries Organization, Design and Manufacturing of Rotary Wheel Dehumidifier (SBDC project).
  • Research Industry Contract- 2004-2005, Razi Vaccine and Serology Research Centre of Iran, Consulting for plant energy distribution project of Hesarak Karaj.
  • Research Industry Contract- 2004- 2005, Cara Tehran Nouavar, Coordinator and chairperson in design of clean rooms for Pastour Institute and Razi Research Centre.
  • Research Industry Contract- 2004-2005, Atmosphere Industrial Group, design of new low water content, high heat capacity and light weight radiators for home appliances.
  • Research Industry Contract- 2003-Now, SABA, Vice Chancellor in Charge of Energy, Ministry of Energy, Energy Labelling of Refrigerators and freezers.
  • Research Contract- 2001-2002, SECCO IRAN, an Iranian leading manufacturer of windows and doors. Research program was to design a test chamber for condition monitoring of their products for air permeability, water diffusivity and strength against wind according to international standards.
  • Research Contract- 2000 to 2002, Alfam Radiator Manufacturing Co, Tehran, IRAN. Research work was conducted in precise three dimensional modelling of household heating radiators using FLUENT software package. Precise standard test room was designed for experimental validation of numerical results. The work included design and manufacturing new types of radiators having more heating capacity and less weight.
  • Research Contract- 2001-2002, Iran Khodro. Research program was to energy audit Iran Khodro Casting Plant to minimize their energy consumption.
  • Research Contract-1998-2000, Sepehr Electric Manufacturing Company, IRAN. Research Contract with Sepehr Electric Manufacturing Company, a leading home appliance manufacturing in Iran, in design and Construction of an automated testing system for quality - control assurance of their Evaporative cooler products.
  • Research Contract-September 1995 to December 1998, Electric Power Research Center (MATN), Research was conducted to Minimize power consumption of Evaporative Coolers.
  • Research Contract-July 1995 to July 1996, Iranian standard and research Institute (ISRI), the research contract was to design test chamber for Evaporative coolers under ISO and EN standards.

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